Buying credit with a credit card turns out to be profitable

Who says having a scary credit card? It depends on your mindset, and the purpose you use it. If you use a credit card for consumption it’s not clear, it’s definitely dangerous. The risk is that bills can swell. Another story if you use a credit card for credit payments.

Pulses have become one part of routine needs. Credit is required so that your smartphone can be used to call your business partners, browse lecture materials, make online payments or other activities.

Well, this is where a credit card is needed so you can buy credit more easily and quickly. You can buy credit online so you don’t have to bother walking to the credit seller’s counter.

Now imagine, when you are traveling to a place far from the city. Suddenly you need an immediate credit to contact a colleague.

If you have to find a credit seller’s counter first, how many minutes is wasted time? Another story if you buy credit online. Just open the website, use your credit card for payment, within seconds the credit has been filled. Your work will not be neglected for long.


Credit Card Payment, Secure!

Credit Card Payment, Secure!

If you are looking for an online credit purchase platform, then you can choose Lenderspick Finance and you can buy mobile credit, Bolt, USD tokens, to electronic installments or motor vehicle payments online. Yummy, at Lenderspick Finance you can make credit purchases by payment using a credit card.

Speaking of payment by credit card, is it safe? Of course. To ensure the security of your transactions, Lenderspick Finance has a strategic partnership with VerifySave Credit, a technology provider of the largest payment gateway system in Indonesia, which focuses on the best products and services to create simple, reliable and secure online payments.

VerifySave Credit and Lenderspick Finance try to provide double protection so that you avoid irresponsible elements. For primary protection, Lenderspick Finance uses a 128-bit EV SSL connection where all connections to the Sepulsa page of the browser are encrypted so that all transaction data and user information are always safe. To increase transaction security, Lenderspick Finance also uses the 3D Secure (3DS) system by adding authentication from credit card holders during the credit purchase process.


Credit Card Payments Many Fortunately

Credit Card Payments Many Fortunately

Well, it was already mentioned that buying credit by payment using a credit card is easy and safe. In addition, if you buy credit through Lenderspick Finance using a credit card, you will also get many benefits:

1. Can choose up to a maximum of 5 voucher vouchers or shopping discounts

2. Get up to 50% cashback

3. Get a 50% discount promo for credit card users with the Visa / MasterCard logo.

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