How to download online Government Agency loans for Public Employees


How to find the loan application forms

How to find the loan application forms

For those who wish to obtain an Government Agency loan or mortgage, the forms represent an essential and indispensable tool. As established by the Government Agency Loan Regulations, in fact, requests for financing must be drawn up on the appropriate models, which can be downloaded in the appropriate Government Agency loans section for civil servants.

On the official website of the Social Institute there is in fact a section dedicated specifically to the credit and social benefits granted to public employees and pensioners through the unitary management of the Social Institute. Fund to which civil servants are automatically registered for social security purposes. Among these we find the Social Institute ex ex Government Agency loans.

When we speak of Government Agency loans, public employees, however, we refer only to the models to be used for the request of one of the former Government Agency loans or for other operations related to the loans.

For example, it is possible to find the forms for the request for early repayment of the loans. Among the available models we also mention that for the preparation of the medical certificate necessary for direct multi-year loans.

How to download the online forms

How to download the online forms

But how to download Government Agency loans for civil servants online forms? Those who wish to download the models for the request for Social Institute funding ex Government Agency must first connect to the official Social Institute portal (

Once on the home page of the site you will need to click on the link All services, located at the top left. At this point, to access the page dedicated to the modules to request Social Institute services and services, select the All modules item from the horizontal menu.

At this point, in order to download the Government Agency loan forms, civil servants forms, it is necessary to use the menu on the left. From here it is necessary to first select the item Public Employee Management and then Member / Pensioner and Credit and social benefits.

Government Agency 2018 loan conditions

Now that we have seen how to download the Government Agency loan forms, civil servants, forms, let us remember what the conditions of the former Government Agency loans are.

As we have seen in our previous in-depth articles, the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans are divided into two categories: small loans and multi-year loans. Small loans allow you to obtain relatively low sums with which to cope with unexpected expenses. The repayment extends for a maximum of 48 months and has an interest rate of 4.25%.

Instead, the issue for multi-year loans is different. Loans that allow you to obtain sums even over 100 thousand USD with a rate of 3.5%. They are designed to sustain important expenses and are granted only for the purposes foreseen by Social Institute. These include the purchase and construction of the residence house.

As regards the request, the application forms downloaded on the official Social Institute website must be completely completed. Once accompanied by all the necessary documents, the models for the request for loans must be sent to Social Institute electronically.

Civil servants in service must send the application through the Administration they belong to. Retired people can use the special online service on the Social Institute website.

For more information on the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans, please consult the in-depth pages of our portal.

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